It is a strange situation across India – a pattern that everybody knows about, even the government acknowledges, and even then, year-on-year thousands, including kids, are infected by the onslaught of mosquito-related diseases. The fatality rate too is alarming when it comes to mosquito-borne diseases like Zika and Malaria in the nation while overseas, Yellow Fever seems like a huge challenge. What makes things more shocking is the fact that these diseases have no permanent treatment, and virologists claim that the evolution of disease-spreading insects has been mapped. Still, there is no reassuring mosquito-elimination option out there that families can adopt!

Did you know?

In May 2019, the FDA US approved the first vaccine for Dengue but with many restrictions, with apprehensions about making the human body more susceptible to other, serious infections – the utility and outreach remains very questionable!

As a parent, you should be looking for something more effective

Unlike some viral infections, the body really does not develop any significant immunity against mosquito bite transmitted diseases like malaria or dengue – these diseases can affect the same kid, seasons-after-season, unless parents intervene and shake-up things. While many continue to trust lotions, fabric roll-ons, and coils, the fact remains that these mosquito repellents have repeatedly proven to be ineffective. So what is the solution?

In the western world, protective-wear brands have realised the challenge and researched deeper into the subject. They have discovered the utility of performance clothing. These are apparels that look like any other clothing you have, with one big, functional aspect. For instance, UV-shielding t-shirts that guard against the damaging rays of the sun or insect-protection clothes that create a barrier against invading mosquitoes. As a result, mosquito-repellent clothing is emerging as a specialised niche in the domain of performance-wear for families, especially the kids. In India, the technology has arrived but people are perhaps not informed that it is now available, easy-to-buy online.

Does this mean mosquito-repelling clothes are relevant for Indian kids?

Yes! Mosquito repellent clothing might seem a slightly alien concept but it is deeply rooted into science. The technology at work here has been tested and is being used in many parts of the world. A globally-renowned fabric-treatment technology provider, Insect Shield has been making everyday clothes insect-repellent with its patented fabric-treatment methods. As a result, the user does not need to rub, dab, spray, re-apply, or fog anything! Just wear the clothes and insects will keep away – yes, the concept and the final product provides this unbelievable level of simplicity!

Is this technology available in India? Is it actually useful for kids?

BugShield Clothing ensures its apparels effectively keep away the deadliest mosquitoes, even in the wet season for up to 70 washing cycles. BugShield apparels use Insect Shield Technology to make fabric treatment invisible, ensuring it does not affect the look & feel of clothes. This type of insect repellent clothing for children gives parents the peace of mind that kids playing outdoors, running around in playgrounds, or attempting summer camps are protected from mosquito/insect bites. As a parent you don’t need to worry about any allergic reactions as BugShield apparels have proven to feel soft and ensure maximum comfort for kids of all ages. The fabric treatment cannot be traced in any way – making these apparels good enough to be worn at home during the mosquito-infested monsoon season or when participating in outdoor school activities..