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Boy BugShield Mosquito Repellent Trouser – Large, Wrinkle-Free Fabric



  • Put on clothes, put off mosquito.
  • Insect repellent Stays in your clothes, not on your skin.
  • Insect Shield offers protection for the entire family.

It is designed to protect children from mosquitoes Bites , ants, flies, chiggers, midges, and ticks, especially when  Playing outdoors.

Size Guide
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BugShield Insect Proof Trouser

The mosquito-repellent clothing is knitted to offer enhanced protection against mosquitos, ants, flies to name a few. Insect shield technology shields the user with Invisible, odourless protection just by putting on your clothes from insect-borne diseases, like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya.

Premium Quality

This protective clothing is blended with 70% cotton and 30% nylon, to offer maximum comfort and a wrinkle-free look. These small-size bug repellent kids pants are lightweight and provide Complete protection.

Long-lasting protection

BugShield clothing is treated with Insect Shield®, giving you invisible, odourless protection just by putting on your clothes. Easy to maintain, No special care needed. Insect Shield protection is built right in and lasts the expected lifetime of the garment. The Kids mosquito protective clothing can withstand more than 70 washes without compromising on the effectiveness.

Simplistic Design Pattern

Mosquito-proof trouser is designed to protect the legs of the user, with the simplistic design suitable for daily wear. Relaxed fit for kids playing outdoor.

Added Protection

The BugShield clothing protects the user against the sun with its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF 30+).

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Additional information


Natural Relaxed Fit

Fabric Details

70% Cotton & 30% Nylon
Premium Cotton and Nylon Fabric: Wrinkle free, Light weight Fabric

Sun Protection (UPF)

Sun Protective UPF 30+

Care Instructions

Normal home laundering is recommended. Do not DRY Clean



2 reviews for Boy BugShield Mosquito Repellent Trouser – Large, Wrinkle-Free Fabric

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    I need full-body protection! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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    Niharika Jain

    If your children are highly allergic to insect repellent like mine then you will certainly appreciate this kids trouser that you can wear anywhere. I ordered this product mainly for the heavy mosquito population in my apartment compound, but it also will repel other insects too. I live in southern mumbai, so the mosquitos are relentless at attacking you both night and day depending on the weather. On rainy or even just cloudy days with little to no sun, in a park, you need some type of clothing to protect you from these harmful insects…

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Boy BugShield Mosquito Repellent Trouser – Large, Wrinkle-Free Fabric

Boy BugShield Mosquito Repellent Trouser – Large, Wrinkle-Free Fabric


(2 Previews)

(2 customer reviews )