3 Major Plights of Residents & Travellers

Around the globe, people dream of living at a sunny, beach-side location, away from the troubles of everyday lives. This is also the perfect, honeymoon background for many couples. It seems like a great idea, living far away from all the metropolis fuss and enjoying life where nature’s bounty is all around you. However, apart from sand, warmth, and fresh air, there are definitely some spoilers too. This discussion shares some insight gathered from vacationers, solo explorers, and natives. Hopefully, it helps you prepare better for your next tropical stay…

Tropical Weather: Difficult to Love!

Sunny and breezy beaches are common in tropical regions but what seems like paradise can wreak havoc with your plans for the day. The tropical weather can be very unpredictable. The rainy season can make it impossible to venture outside. The wind patterns can change within a few minutes and the sun can shine bright or remain hidden despite the weatherman’s predictions. Humidity is the most unpleasant thing, and it is not just about the coastal areas. The Tropics include regions that are a bit away from the waterbodies but still have primarily hot weather with coast-like patterns. The moist air and heat can spoil food left on the table for the shortest duration. Some tropical locations are infamous for hurricanes and devastating thunderstorms—some so bad that many travel insurance companies don’t cover the related damages!

Tropically Musky: Impossible to get used to!

Managing backpackers with stale-smelling socks is a nightmare for any hotel lobby staff. But what if most things around you seem like playground for fungal growth and the smell becomes unbearable? The highly humid conditions associated with most days in the tropics means plenty of support for microbial action. This means things getting mouldy overnight and a typical, musky smell emanating from the oddest things. From vacationing tees to furniture, from pillows to the room’s curtains, the tropical odour can be found anywhere and everywhere. The smell can get awfully bad when it becomes invasive, spreading within the walls, panels, door ends, window’s edges, and crevices in the walls. The solution? Consider ongoing expenses on special surface treatments and sprays.

Tropic’s Resident Crawlies: An insect paradise?

There is a reason why many nations announce a travel advisory for holidaying crowds headed to tropical locations, especially those in Asia. Repeatedly, the tropics have been associated with the most unpredictable hazards that are insect-borne. With so many crawlies around you, that lovely walk in garden or beach, shopping trips to the marketplace, or your peaceful home space, can become a nursing ground for fatal insect bites. You get hopping, crawling, flying, and running insects in every possible space and direction. Families in particular need to watch-out as children are particularly prone to insect bites leading to deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, and many unnamed viral fevers. Not just rashes and infections, a mosquito bite can be the reason for visiting the Emergency ward in a hospital.

Any answers for these tropical challenges? Just One!

A more-than-generous application of a body deodorant can perhaps control the sweating-related odour and mould-resistant products can elongate the shelf-life of your snacks, but what about insect protection? Typical insect-repellents are not very effective for tropical insects. Rather than risking your safety with insect roll-ons, dabs, and coils, you might want to invest in clothes that deter insects. BugShield Insect Repelling Garments are treated with EPA-approved technology for a long-lasting and effective protection against insects. Unlike the chemical-infused sprays, these treated apparels are tested for allergenic properties and don’t pose any threat to young children or pets. Now, plan that awaited wildlife safari with such anti-insect tools in your armour…