Need to Co-exist & This Is Why!

An insect that repels us or makes us squirm at the very sight of it might not be the villain we are making out of it. Sounds weird, coming from a discussion hosted on a blog for Buy Mosquito Repellent Cloth ? There is a lot of rationale behind this. Not just biologists but scientists and food industry experts realise that deep down there is role reserved for insects at the grassroots level that has a direct impact on the economy, ecology and biodiversity. The decline of all insects, and hence mosquitoes, is not the win-all situation that we want to believe—there are a lot of wrong suppositions at work. Read ahead to understand what we are sharing here…

A Mosquito Check

We have been believing & doing it all wrong, all along…

For starters, all of them are not bad. Mosquitoes are grouped as a fly. Belonging to the Culicidae family, more than 3,500 species have been documented. Most of them are born vegetarian.

Plant sap and nectar is their primary diet. All mosquitoes don’t get high on our blood! If we wanted to kill all the Best Clothes For Mosquito Protection responsible for spreading malaria, just a handful of species would qualify. The rest would be slaughtered without an explanation. The slaughter all bugs hypothesis is contorted and even the kill all mosquito perspective is somewhat one-sided, progressively about by and large disdain because of misconception the regular world’s astonishing elements.

Ichneumonid wasp is an important natural pest controller against moths infesting chickpea crop

In 2016, a paper published by Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra at Pannure, Bengaluru stated that most food crops in India need insects as pollinator for a successful pollination. These crops include oilseeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, there are approximately 1500 edible insect species that are consumed by over 3,000 ethnic and tribal groups in over 113 countries. This means that sustaining the number of these species is essential for maintaining the economical balance in many regions.

Life-sized, Elephant Mosquito, harmless to humans, feeds on other, disease-spreading mosquitoes

We need insects for many other things including decomposition, honey, silk, medicines, and lac. Silkworms’ extracts are even used to treat seizure disorders in some Asian countries. The most important role that insects play in your lives is providing nutrient-rich drinkable water. Freshwater streams and lakes are not very high in any sort of minerals or vitamins. Insects fall into them and given them the amount of nutrient required to make the water drinkable for consumers like you and us.

Dragon flies & some spiders are amongst the most chronic killers of infection-causing mosquitoes

The over-indulgence in different types of mosquito-killing sprays and insecticides is creating a toxic overload. Substance follows are held in the earth, slaughtering numerous littler creepy crawlies that will in general feed on the hatchlings of destructive Anti Mosquito Repellent. At the macro level, the regional ecosystem is suffering because of this burgeoning toxicity and now traces of this unwanted impact is showing across the agricultural sector.

Who is the Culprit Here?

Largely, misinformation and failure of contemporary mosquito-cides is to blame!

Apart from the some insect species that present the threat, as diseases carriers and as infection-spreading mediums, there is no need to indulge in insect genocide. The current crisis that makes people wish the absolute annihilation of all insects is because of the lack of information and the poor effectivity of modern, insect-repelling mediums. The most harming pesticides and bug sprays are being utilized to slaughter creepy crawlies that assume a job in shielding our harvests from many attacking nuisances. Then, there is another challenge—how do we accomplish, selecting elimination of some mosquito species?

The answers like in gene editing and biological warfare that needs more support from the government agencies. It seems like the infection-spreading mosquitoes are winning the evolution game and we are still playing catch-up. There are smarter, less lethal and more earth-friendly initiatives like the World Mosquito Program that does not try to end any insect species but does a fine job of preventing mosquito-related infections.

Sustainable, Sensible Solutions without the Genocide Aura

The world needs protection from the insects but it also needs to keep the important species alive. It’s a paradox that does not seem to have a solution. However, by digging a little deeper and by being a bit creative, some bright minds out there have been able to find a more sustainable alternative. Modes of self-protection are the main agenda. When bug repellent sprays threaten to cause more damage than good, performance clothing can be a smart option. This isn’t care for the exhibition array related with sports experts however genuine, way of life gear for regular use, for the whole family that secures against feared creepy crawly chomps and mosquitoes. This anti-insect fabric treatment creates a line of defence, repelling the most outrageous mosquitoes and other common household insects. Protective wear made from such fabrics is more ecologically-balanced, less disastrous, and more efficient at the family/household level.

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