Tips To Protect your Kids in the Wilderness

Wilderness trails and scary jungles where the daylight does not seem to penetrate through the thick foliage are emerging as the preferred vacationing options among Indians. Anti Mosquito Shirt Individual trekkers and family travellers are increasingly showing a preference for wild trails over typical vacation spots that seem to be rushed throughout the year. While premium holiday locales seem to take-away the charm associated with natural environments, national parks, conservation forest areas, community reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries preserve the natural habitats.

Not just domestic tourism but arising awareness about ecological conservation is helping the cause of protecting our forests. A recent report suggests that India managed to fractionally increase its forest and tree coverage between 2015 and 2017 despite livestock pressure and expanding populations.

Data Source: India State of Forest Report (ISFR)

Both parents and educators stress on the importance of taking children to such jungle trails. The natural backdrop is the perfect brew for late-night storytelling, self-exploration, and that feeling of adventure. However, there is something missing from the usual travel plans that have jungle trails at their core—outdoor protection for kids. And we are talking about protecting against deadly insect bites that can ruin the vacation and might need being rushed to the nearest emergency room.

Some of the top forest, jungle & wilderness trails in India:

Things to Remember for Jungle Safaris & Wilderness Living

1. Sanity Prevails

Jungle travels are necessarily not about going crazy, as some people might imagine. Travel planners and vacationing experts can help to put together a family-safe holiday in some of the most densely forested areas of the country.

2. Don’t Expect Everything

Expect animals, lots of them but necessarily not all the ones highlighted in travel blogs or personal accounts of wilderness stays. Chances are that many species are seasonal or nocturnal in nature and might not be easily spotted.

3. Water over Food

Packaged snacks can substitute proper meals and smartly assembled first-aid kits can replace professional medical assistance but there is no alternative to clean drinking water. Without this basic necessity, children can be very vulnerable in forested locations.

4. Insects Everywhere

There is every chance that you will encounter a massive variety of insects, much more than anywhere else. No rural or urban location can match the scale of insects found in jungle trails. Not just the regular dengue-spread mosquitoes, expect potentially poisonous spiders, bees, hornets, and blackflies.

5Conventional Protection Fails

Wilderness-prevalent insects are beyond the range of basic vaccines provided to children in the cities. Similarly, the usual insect repelling sprays or first-aid medications for mosquito bites but fail miserably. What might seem to start like a small rash can quickly turn into respiratory distress, particularly among kids—you need to be prepared!

6. Invest in Outdoor Gear

Family travellers are less likely to carry waterproof torches, jackets that offer 100% resistance to rain, pocket knives, or compact shovels. However, the seasoned forest destination traveller will tell you the importance of such supplies—at times, they can be saviours in almost-fatal situations!

Understand with an Example: Chembra Trek, Wayanad

anti mosquito shirt
Vythiri Hill Station in Wayanad [Source:]

The picturesque Wayanad Hills of Kerala continue to attract travellers from India and overseas. Chembra Peak remains one of the most talked-about treks in South India, famous for its untamed wilderness. Despite a height of more than 2000 metres above sea level, Chembra remains a loved destination amid the Western Ghats. The thick jungles are an inherent part of the Chembra trek. Insect Protection Shirt This is not your usual hill station and despite the adorable Love Lake and a well-planned trekking route there is a real threat during the monsoon months—rainy season means more slippery paths and a spurt in mosquito populations. While rain protection wear and well-gripping shoes are recommended, the usual fabric patch, apparel roll-on, or spray will not keep away these wild mosquito populations!

Through with the Diagnosis…Now Some Remedies

Here are some methods that can help you protect yourself and the kids against insects associated with wilderness travels

Clothing & Grooming

A basic way to protect you is to wear full-sleeve clothes whenever you are visiting any insect-prone area. More coverage for your body also means more barrier-shielding from adverse weather. Avoid using scented grooming accessories like perfumes, soaps, or lotions that seem to attract some insects. Wear light-coloured clothes to keep-away insects.

Mosquito Nets have a Purpose

Mosquito nets are not old-fashioned if you ask an outdoorsman. When you are inside the house, nets can be also a décor-related questioned. But when you are travelling these nets become a very versatile tool to barricade mosquitoes. Choose from foldable, compact, thick, or multiple-layered nets.

Fears about Insecticides/Repellents

There are companies which manufacture insect repellent sprays but don’t talk about the chemical-heavy composition. Easy-to-carry & use, these sprays are highly effective but the problem comes with kids who are often allergic to the chemical ingredients. Some sprays are known to irritate the eyes or cause skin eruptions. Choose with care!

Natural Products worth a Try

There is no harm in using insect repellents formulated from natural ingredients like essential oils or plant extracts. But don’t use the pleasant odour as a parameter. Choose the effectivity of the product as the buying principle. In India, many people have had good things to say about sprays prepared from Neem oil and Peppermint extract.

Conclusion: All-round Outdoor Protection is the ‘only’ Solution!

Kids are more challenging when it comes to keeping them safe, within a layer of protection you create. Children will be spontaneous, naughty, playful, and eager to step-out, away from your zone of control. This is why you need to find protective gear that stays with the kids, even when they are out-of-sight. This is what the insect protection range of kid’s apparel at BugShield clothing does. These clothes are made from treated fabrics and repel insects & mosquitoes with amazing effectivity. Perfect for outdoor usage, some of these mosquito-repelling apparels also have weather-shielding properties, particularly protection from harmful UV rays.