BisReport analysts believe that by 2025, the global Mosquito Repellent market size will reach $1 Billion – but how do you know that an insect repelling product actually works & is family-safe?

Making travel plans can be challenging but when it comes to outdoor trips that include the wild, forested areas, green pastures, campsites, or the mountains, packing the right gear can get even more difficult. The idea is to pack smartly for maximum safety and fun. Easy-to-carry compasses, water bottles, emergency lights, safety gear, and packaged foods items are the most common items on the checklist. However, there is one aspect of outdoor travel that is seldom discussed—potentially fatal insect bites that cannot be treated with first aid kits!

If a pregnant woman is infected with Zika virus, it may result in microcephaly – a birth defect causing underdevelopment of the head and brain in new-born children!

Insect traps and camping tents can save you from the mosquito menace but every step along a biking or hiking trail cannot promise comprehensive protection from deadly insects. To lighten the burden, a rather innovative & time-saving technology has been developed – Insect Shield. This discussion helps you understand what makes this technology special and why every member of the family needs a layer of it to stay protected…

Rise in global temperature is continuing, providing optimum conditions for mosquitoes to breed. This also means more damp/wet climate in certain regions favouring their multiplication
Technology Partner “Insect Shield Technology”

This technology was originally developed for the benefit of the U.S. Army and it has been performing with amazing success. Insect Shield Technology is the result of years of research. The problem was the same, across the globe, i.e. bug-killing sprays and creams are not effective beyond a certain limit. Many of them contain ecologically damaging contents. This technology is a more effective and responsible solution. It comes with the assurance of adhering to global standards for user safety and ecologically responsible performance. This technology makes everyday clothing a potent barrier against bugs and insects. Insect Shield submitted intensive research and test data to EPA—perhaps, one of the most stringent organisations when it comes to sanctioning products for their ecological performance and environmental safety. For end users, there is a sense of conviction about this bug-repelling technology. It has already been tested in the toughest environments, including battlegrounds, and it meets global standards for child-friendly usage.

Apparel treated with this technology remains as wearable, stylish and odourless as normal clothes. Bringing this innovation to common users was not easy but luckily, the breakthrough came about some years back. Today, it is being used by some of the most popular clothing brands, as a part of their outdoor wearable collections or camping apparel catalogues. How? Read ahead.

Transforming Everyday Clothing into Effective Bug Barriers
…in a safer, more natural way!

Technologies to treat clothes for creating bug barriers are getting mainstream attention. Such innovations are being incorporated into generic and specialist clothing brand. This includes kids-wear and recreational outfits for the outdoors. Incorporating this unique treatment in apparel making might seem simple but it includes a lot of precision-guided processes. For starters, some insect repellent fabric treatments might use potentially hazardous chemicals and have been associated with a serious impact on personal health and the environment.

The active ingredient used here is extracted from the chrysanthemum plant. While this might create the impression that a naturally-derived compound not be potent enough, read ahead to understand what makes this work.


Permethrin is a synthetic version of the Chrysanthemum flower’s naturally-occurring, insect-repelling compound called Pyrethrin. However, there are many versions of Permethrin available and not all are as eco-friendly, planet-safe and non-threatening as the derivative used in Insect Shield. This synthetic form of Pyrethrin is tested for longer durability & for not breaking down quickly when exposed to the outdoors. This medical-grade Permethrin lasts for a much longer period, and creates the perfect barrier to keep away mosquitoes and ticks. It is known to not cause skin-related allergies and has proven pet-friendly performance. Better quality checks also ensure that this compound, upon being infused into the clothing fabric, does not change the inherent nature of the fabric – not affecting fabric features like colour reproduction, durability, softness, or fitting.

Manufacturing clothing with such insect-repellent treatment is beyond the manufacturing capabilities of boutique fashion apparel brands—it needs domain specialists like BugShield!

While many manufacturers might claim producing the best insect-repelling clothes, often the effect wears-away, within a few laundering cycles. As the end user, your challenge is to identify anti-insect apparels that can last for a longer time without losing their ability to repel bugs.  Across the US, clothes with Insect Shield treatment are grabbing attention. They are now available on selected platforms, across chosen retailers and brand partners. This ensures the supply chain remains authentic, without the risk of sub-par products finding their way to the consumer. Stores like and Amazon US find plenty of buying activity for such clothing. In India, Insect Shield is positioned as the emerging standard for insect-protection clothing – available exclusively at BugShield!

BugShield Clothing is up there, with the best in the business with protective apparel easily enduring up to 70 laundry cycles without losing the ability to keep insects away – beyond the common durability standards for most body-worn products!

Who can use such bug-repellent apparels?

BugShield represents the highest standards for safety for children, seniors, pets, and the environment. These clothes are usable for the entire family. Not just humans, BugShield clothing is applicable for pet wear as a part of pet protection outerwear! This is perhaps the biggest assurance that anxious parents might seek when trusting ‘just clothes’ to protect their kids. This type of treated clothing can be used by people from all age groups. The elimination of potential side-effects of topical use of insect repellent creams and ointments makes it a smart choice for children, who are more vulnerable to insect bites

Malaria, a common mosquito borne disease in children, can impair cognitive development, including speech and language development of kids…

How much protection is provided? Are all kinds of insects repelled?

BugShield clothing provides more than standard protection, ensuring that outdoor adventures are without the risk of rushing to the emergency ward due to an insect bite. For maximum protection, such bug-repelling clothing should be combined with smart choices to ensure better coverage and protection. For instance, BugShield gaiters and scarves are also available for people venturing into areas infested with insects. Here, simply wearing full-length trousers or t-shirts might not help – every possible entrance has to be sealed. When traveling to colder climates, don’t stress about the practicality of using BugShield apparels. They are easy to layer-over with other winter-wear options like jackets or hoodies. Here, you can layer-up externally to fight the cold, while BugShield apparel under the thick outerwear ensures no bug can strike you!

Indian mosquito repellent market stood at $670 million in 2018 and is projected to grow to nearly $900 million by 2024. Anticipated growth is attributed to rising cases of vector borne diseases in rural & urban areas

Anti-bug portfolio of BugShield Clothing Technology is rather impressive with protection against:

  • Lice
  • Mites
  • Mosquitoes,
  • Midges
  • Chiggers
  • Ants
  • Ticks
  • Flies
  • Fleas
A mosquito-borne illness that has caused the most disease in the US is West Nile virus – Culex mosquitoes are the primary source of the virus, which mosquitoes pick-up after biting birds

Reasons to Choose Insect Protective Wear Over Insect-killing Products

Data suggests some mosquitoes have become resistant to chemicals used in fumigation and may not die due to fumigation – insect-borne vectors like Dengue have to be fully controlled at the larval stage or people should create their own barriers. Mosquito management programs have tried biological larval control agents & even fish species but such control alternatives cannot fight the threat of large-scale adult mosquitoes. Using bug-defiant clothing means you get all the benefits of an effective bug repellent without the need to carry sprays or creams, without the need to irritate tender skin of children, and without worrying about topical applications wearing-away, need re-application. Further, many mosquito repellents contain environmentally harmful chemicals like Allethrin, Diethyltoluamide and Dimethyl Phthalate – many of which are no longer effective against mosquitoes.

BugShield clothing is easily the more educated & more effective choice! Further, it can be washed, bleached, starched, or ironed like any other apparel you have. Normal cleaning routine can be followed but you should avoid dry cleaning as it can remove some of the active ingredients which can reduce efficacy. Apart from this small precaution, this specialist clothing line covers everyday wear, kidswear, menswear, womenswear, pet-wear, outwear, and camping clothes.

Is it worth it?

Since 2013, chikungunya has spread to 45 countries and over 2 million cases have been reported. Lice bites can transmit epidemic relapsing fever – caused by spirochetes (bacteria).

Absolutely! The proven safety standards and durability of the products and technology shared in the discussion should leave no room for doubt. Our emphasis was to share a bug-protective technology that is practical, easy to blend into everyday life. The marketplace has been very appreciative of how BugShield is redefining the standards for specialist, protective clothing options. Moreover, with BugShield insect-repellent clothing, you don’t have to compromise with fashion trends. The portfolio is being constantly enriched with more styles, fitting options, and wardrobe options, including fashion accessories that double-up as insect repellents.

Ticks bite to get a blood meal and transmit Lyme disease & other illnesses Bites/stings of bees, wasps, hornets & fire ants cause allergic reactions. Death due to bee stings is 3 to 4 times more common than death by snake bites!

Apart from unhospitable, freezing winters, no other season promises the absence of potentially dangerous mosquitoes or life-threating bug bites. As a decision-maker and conscious consumer, you get the assurance of high effectivity, price sensitive labels, easy-to-adopt outerwear choices, and an eco-friendly promise with BugShield – the best insect-repelling apparel across India!