Summer season is upon and the hot sunny days are expected to be unforgiving, perhaps a bit more than the last time we ventured outside, under an angry sun. Yes, it is natural to feel irritated when the hot air and sweating become your daylong companions. However, the problem can take a more serious turn if you don’t know how to protect yourself from the heat and still look fashionably correct. While being at home, you can wear almost anything but the outdoors means wearing something that helps to beat-the-heat. This is why you need to choose performance clothing and not just any t-shirt.

What is performance-wear?

Ultimately, t-shirts become the saviour for the kids, men and women during summer days. Whether it is weekend dressing at the workplace or a family trip with kids, tees are available in the softest fabrics and all sizes. But most t-shirts performing abysmally when it comes to performing outdoors. Most tees don’t have offer any type of sun protection that is very important for kids in the family. The standard t-shirt is not expected to dry quickly and is not the best bet when you need to change clothes repeatedly and need to pack light for a back-packing trip. This is why some brands have come-up with performance wear—clothes that have some defined outdoor performance features.

Clothes/apparels made with an Intent!

Performance tees have special features like the ability to maintain more ventilation or remaining wearable despite repeated usages without the need to iron them. Other, non-summer focussed examples of performance tees includes those with stripes that glow in the dark—very handy when travelling in places where it is vital to remain spotted/in-sight for safety reasons. These are clothes that have been engineered with a purpose, intentionally equipped with features that make them stand apart from everyday clothes. However, you need to identify the special features more carefully.

Understand this with Some Examples

If you are visiting the beaches of Goa or Kerala, you will need clothing that can tackle high-humidity conditions. You need tees that help to wick-away the moisture associated with sweating. However, if you are trekking to Kasol or the Hampta Pass Trek in Manali, you need clothes that are easy to layer-up/down as the weather can be volatile. Here, you need tees that perform like inner-wear, easy to wear under a jacket or sweatshirt. Tees that doesn’t easily crumple & crease are better suited for such expeditions as they don’t cause chafing. In camps set-up within the green expanse of forests or hills, expect sleeping in your daytime clothes or covering serious hiking miles. Here, a t-shirt with flat seam-lines, without tag collars, and slightly loose sleeves is handier.

But what about insect protection? You need to choose better…

Everyone knows that insects are an inherent part of most travel destinations—especially across Asia and Africa. Still, the awareness about effective mosquito-repelling clothes is rather limited. Most folks choose a combination of outdoor-styled apparel and anti-insect roll-ons or sprays. But just like lotions and sprays, these anti-mosquito measures cannot handle rough weather conditions, wet seasons, or heavy sweating. This is why BugShield Clothing has come-up with outdoor-ready apparels that protect against the unpredictable weather, UV rays of the sun, and repel insects. Tested for the toughest outdoor conditions, these fabric-treated apparels ensure your family is protected against insect-borne diseases like viral fevers, malaria, and dengue without compromising the range of motion, fabric durability, or design & colour options!