4 Simple Habits to Repel Mosquitoes

In the event that you Google regular approaches to repulse mosquitoes, odds are that you will be overpowered with data about not really reasonable basic oils to apply on your body and garments, aside from overhyped, fragrance based treatment alternatives. Most people choose using mosquito coils or deploying nets as a more viable solution. However, both approaches have one big drawback – they are not really effective and there is every chance of chemical-heavy vapours in the room bringing about allergic reactions like coughing bouts or rashes. In this discussion, we move apart from the usual approach of dissecting natural ways to repel Mosquito Repellent Shirts, focusing on simple, everyday-life things you can do and get the satisfaction of no longer attracting mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are pulled in to synthetic compounds discharged by our body when we sweat, as Lactic Acid. So, just daily bathing becomes essential to ensure you don’t become a mosquito magnet—a simple, lifestyle fix to gain more immunity from mosquitoes!

Groundwork for this Discussion

The mosquito issue is inescapable in India and mosquito-transmitted ailments are lethal
Anti mosquito repellent
[Source: nvbdcp.gov.in]

India remains primarily a hot and humid tropical nation. The bugs that should be occasional frequently stretch out past their typical months in the year. They tend to carry pathogens that cause fatal diseases. Most people depend solely on using mosquito killing sprays or insect-repelling body lotions. However, research studies in the public domain openly talk about the in effectivity of these choices. More and more bugs are adapting and developing more immunity to the anti-mosquito fogging done by municipalities and state-level healthcare agencies in India. Mosquito Repellent T Shirts applications for fabrics have usually failed the field tests and real-life usage instances. The onus lies on people like you, especially parents, to do something as a part of their daily lifestyle that keeps away the bugs and biters. Not doing so means allowing your family, especially children, fall prey to diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Things to try and implement include:

1. Proper Water Storage

What isn’t secured, is a potential reproducing ground for irritating creepy crawlies

This is not about the usual guidelines that talk about emptying the buckets and not allowing any water stagnation in the water coolers. We are talking about finding fresh or stale water escaping your attention despite your most vigilant routines. Consider these not-so-discussed instances that tend to warehouse water than can become the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and multiple, sometimes, overnight!

  • Waterlogging due to over-spraying indoor plants.
  • Water kept in earthen vessels as a piece of strict services or supplications.
  • Water develop in fissure around plumbing associations because of undiscovered holes.
  • Water gathered in the cleft of establishments like climate control systems, stacks, and fumes units.
  • Water that trickles and gathers in little, unnoticeable fixes beneath the sink or around can situate.
  • Water gushing from hairline breaks in backbones of a structure and assembling in dull, separated spots
How can everyday routine habits help to eradicate this?
  • Always repair leaks / water leakage.
  • Annual inspection of plumbing connections is critical.
  • All water spraying within and outside the living space has to be restrained.
  • Inspect all corners of a wet room, any place that makes contact with water.
  • Don’t leave the taps running or dripping.

2. Say NO to Alcohol

According to Popular Science, mosquitoes can withstand liquids with up to 60% alcohol level & seem to prefer things with high alcoholic concentration

Science says mosquitoes will be attracted to you more if your blood alcohol level is higher than everyone else around you. The reasons are as yet not 100% clear, yet the realities are sponsored up by another reality—mosquitoes are seen devouring maturing natural products—a notable method to create liquor. There is another research which insists on alcohol raising the blood flow to the skin which in turn tends to engage more mosquitoes. Saying No to alcohol may mean a more conscious self and fewer bites on arms as well—a win-win situation!

3. More Plants = Less Pollution and Lesser Mosquitoes

There isn’t another, smarter way to keep-away mosquitoes if you are a green consumer, conscious about the environment and want to make a serious contribution to reducing your carbon footprints

Planting trees is a good thing. Eco-friendly corporates and earth-friendly consumers preach and practice this. Plants invariable boost oxygen and reduce the effects of global warming. The benefits also include repelling mosquitoes—a lot of plants do this, more than you can imagine! The fact is that creating plant extracts at home is not easy. Noteworthy outcomes can be accomplished by bubbling or squashing compelling pieces of the plants however it isn’t intended for everybody. Be that as it may, for simply adding another layer to your Anti Mosquito Cloth stockpile, numerous plants are accepted to be a characteristic anti-agents and can be pruned at home. Lavender, Marigold and Lemon Grass are the top picks. Planting more means offsetting your carbon footprints, adding to the natural foliage in the area, and keeping away those biting bests—a perfect deal, perhaps?

Breaking Away from Smoky Coils, anti mosquito cream
Natural repellent can be potted at home

4. Mosquito Biology is not Yellow Light-friendly!

We realize that mosquitoes are pulled in to light. We have seen how swarms of the tiny buggers run towards the last, remaining sources of light during sunset hours. However, all artificial lights don’t appeal to them.More splendid than numerous normal wellsprings of light, bulbs or cylinders, fake wellsprings of light that have a slight yellowish tinge are known to pull in less mosquitoes than white-conditioned, blue or ruddy lights. Yellow illumination is not something everybody likes within their home as the illumination seems a bit lacklustre. However, using these along the porch, balcony and entrance paths makes a lot of sense to ensure that overall, lesser mosquito armies charge towards your home when the sun sets.

Smarter Ways to Keep-away the Suckers: Performance Clothing!

While the market is overflowing with cures and remedies against the rising threat of mosquitoes, the diseases caused by such insects show no signs of abating. If we can combine simple day-today habits discussed above and limit our retailed choices to smarter options like apparel with treated fabrics to repel mosquitoes, the chances of winning this war seem a lot higher. BugShield Clothing is a fine case of how some knowledge, innovative advancements, and attire structures can be consummately mated to make more astute mosquito impediments.