When Going Fishing with Kids

Fishing is an activity that tightens the bond between children and their parents. A fishing trip with your child can turn out to be a thrilling experience for both of you. While planning a fishing trip, there are some very important things to remember. This includes the overall fishing mindset, the pack of accessories, all the equipment, and personal safety gear. This discussion is about four such things that you need to pack before you leave for a fishing trip with your child.

1. Finding a Fishing Location | Your Expectations Matter | Safety First!

All fishing locales are not created equal. This is something that mostly seasoned anglers know but travel or vacation solutions providers often don’t talk about but we, share it all. The difference can be big – between your expectations from a fishing trip and the locations. Some angling locations are seasonal and in high demand. There, the buy season witnesses a rush for occupying a good spot. You don’t want to be there if you re not good at the art and the idea of fishing with your kid was about real bonding. As we said, the fishing mindset matters. If you want to enjoy the rhythm of the flowing river while you fix your bait, spend some time to identify the location that meets your aim.

For beginners, it is advised to choose locations that are close to a town or near a road so that you can easily drive there with your child and avoid unnecessary exhaustion. Walking miles to reach the spot means spending the morning energy in covering the miles rather than waiting by the riverside. The exertion can eat into the patience needed to make it count, when fishing. You can also try some shore fishing locations since children find this easier and it is a lot less riskier if this is your first time at a fishing trip and the location is associated with high tides and rough weather. No matter what, avoid even the most popular fishing spots if they have a history of washing-away over-enthusiastic fish-catchers. Keep it safe!

2. Fishing Supplies | Important & Optional Gear | Do the Homework

Make a list of the things that you’re going to need on your fishing trip. There are some necessary items like food, clean water, first-aid kit, lifejackets, and sun-screen. These things should be packed in any case to ensure a comfortable and fun fishing trip for both you and your kid. Most people make the mistake of not carrying fishing trip organizers. These accessories help better organize & expand your backpack’s capacity, ensuring there is sufficient room to pack all the vital gear and accessories. Choose a rod & reel combination that is commonly used. Children shouldn’t be pushed into the heavy-duty fishing gear upfront.

Getting a grip of fishing fundamentals like a Reel takes time [Source: Fishingnoob.com]

Basics like setting-up the fishing line takes some time to become a pro and the trip can be a good learning exercise. To ensure this process is more enjoyable, also ensure packing some munchies or easy-to-carry snacks. No matter how many fishing supplies stores are located nearby, always carry sufficient backup for floats, weights, and hooks. Similarly, prepare for the extreme possibility of the weather conditions. For instance, summer fishing trips mean carrying more than sufficient sunscreen while high-humidity weather means packing more rain-protection sheets and umbrellas, even if the weather report last night said, NO rains tomorrow!

A Fishing HOOK can be very sharp – ensure parental supervision at all times!
3. Choose Apparels Carefully | More Insect Protection to Avoid Emergencies

Fishing sites are not synonymous with the dangers of a lethal bite but ask around and you will realize that people have often experienced or had close encounters where they come close to being rushed to the emergency room. This is not far-fetched thinking. Asian destinations have tropical climate for a major part of the year. The fishing locations have lots of puddles, wet mud, quick draining soil, and local vegetation. These conditions are perfect for many types of insects to flourish. This does not mean that all insects are lethal. Some are beautiful and an inherent part of the local ecosystem. However, there is always a possibility of some insect bites bringing about an allergy attack, causing respiratory distress, or a skin breakout. The risk is even more when fishing with kids. There are some very dangerous mosquitoes, toe biter, and flies found near waterbodies can cause serious infections and diseases like malaria, yellow fever, and dengue. Let good sense prevail and invest in insect repellent clothing. This is far better than using insect sprays or rubs whose effect wears-away in outdoor conditions. Insect repellent treated clothing is now trending across India – brought to you by the best brands in this business, like BugShield Clothing.

4. Don’t Procrastinate | Don’t Ignore | Because These Moments Are Special!

Fishing trips give kids a chance to experience the outdoors. This is about learning through self-exploration. For a parent, feeling detached from the kids, this is a great time to recreate that special bond. For folks who feel their child has a natural curiosity for everything marine and water-bound, fishing trips are the perfect blend of play and learn about aquatic life forms and how the environment changes around a waterbody. If the kids are not ready to try the real fishing gear, try some props that are now easily available on online platforms. These mocks-ups help small children get more familiar with fishing essentials. Kids who cannot be trusted near the water can be taken for short hikes around the stream, with lots of questions & answers about the beauty of the surrounding wilderness. To ensure the trip helps create more precious moments, plan them on relatively unhurried days like the weekends. Try to keep the smartphone on Silent mode when planning such trips – these moments will be precious, just ensure you don’t miss them!

We hear parents complain about the lack of clothing options when it comes to preparing their kids for the outdoor exposure. However, BugShield Clothing has all the answers with its wide range of outdoor apparel. These protective-wear options ensure that kids can dress-up with all the fun & drama and still, they get heavy-duty insect protection. The specially treated fabrics of these insect-repelling clothes does not change the fitting or sizing dynamics. Your kids remain as active and unelaborated with such apparel, but you, as a parent & guardian, can relax about the threat of a potentially fatal insect bite!